A good agent is someone who will listen carefully to what you have to say; someone who will feel a genuine interest in you, your life; someone who has a profound desire to apply their skills and knowledge to assist you. Our agents at Blondies have been hand-picked because of their ethical professionalism.

Founder & Agent

Liason & Fugitive Recovery

Cyndee Proctor, Founder

Agent appointed on behalf of Continental Heritage Company (CHIC)

Founder , Agent

I wanted to create a company that would be able to rise to the needs of our client and their families. After being a part of the bail industry for over a decade, I saw so many mistakes and wanted to be an advocate for change. I am thankful that I am now able to provide a source for support and wellness. We provide information and tools in order to foster the change necessary to end the cycle. I wanted to be able to provide and promote wellness in addition to a new found sense of freedom. By establishing Blondies I am finally able to live that dream.



Jessica Proctor, Bail Agent

Agent appointed on behalf of Continental Heritage Company (CHIC)

​Career Bail Agent, Fugitive Recovery Agent ​

I followed my heart to Blondies.  We talked about it for years. The ability to give back, support family, friends, and loved ones. Blondies is so much more to me than "the place where I work". It is the place where I have the power to help friends, strangers, and their families. That is so huge. Countless times I have watched the difference that opportunity makes in the lives of others.  I am just thankful for my ability to be apart of it.


Bail Agent

Stacy L. Bowen, Bail Agent

Agent on behalf of Continental Heritage Company

​Bail Agent, ​

​​The most rewarding part of my job is being able to give someone a second chance at life. One person in particular really stands out in my mind. He was arrested for drugs and because we gave him that chance he was able to turn his life around. He now works full time, goes to college and takes care of his family. Seeing someone transform their life after being bailed out is the best part of this job.



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Bail Agent & Investigator

Bail Agent

Chris Hall, Bail Agent

Agent on behalf of Continental Heritage Company

​Bail Agent, Investigator​

Why bail...... 

All the people you meet thru bail, agents or clients, everyone has a story. I enjoy being able to help people in their time of need, let's face it, JAIL SUCKS!! As far as doing recovery I look at it as GAME ON!! Lets play Hide-N-Seek

I think the ones that run need the most help.......








Aleta C. Zapata, Bail Agent

Agent on behalf of Continental Heritage Company

​Bail Agent

I've been in the bail business a long time. Thankfully, long enough to watch it evolve into what Blondies is able to embody. Not too long ago, a bail agent was someone who would take your money and not much else, even information was hard to come by. I am proud to be associated with Blondies, because we offer our clients with the professionalism that is so lacking in the industry, in addition to information and support that will help support a foundation for our clients to begin again. After all, that IS what bail is all about, second chances, and change for the betterment of living.


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